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Stones Cry Out - Aran Stone Wall 1 17 x 8cm


In search of a hut,
A shed in open landscape,
A place to shut one door and open another
nto a layered world of prayer and creativity.
A pile of stones
To lean a head and dream
Until a way is opened.

The monks had beehives
On a fang in the sea's spit,
Dylan had a garage hung over an estuary.
Both in the outside, inside.

Where is my shed?
I am jealous of the monks and Dylan.
In Llanelli: they say "My head is in the shed" -
I wish mine was.

I will photograph huts
and empty chairs, until I find mine.
I tried an upturned bucket
by the milky elbow river -
But hours of flight away.
I borrowed a jetty at Nimpo lake,
It moved with the water
and I ached with the beauty -
until the owners came.

It is like looking for
Somewhere to be buried
Somewhere to be married,
Somewhere to live

There is a chair
In an old shed with
a fire and stream running through,
walls black from neglect,
seem cleaner as I sit
by the fire on the altar of my lifr -
It is a good chair
by a good fire
But it is inside.

There is somehwere
and outside inside shed
with splinters,
A chair with cushions,
a window -
with a sea view
and an open door to heaven.


Shedhead is a creative arts partnership and independent publishing house that aims to encourage creativity in a variety of mediums. Drawing inspiration from the early Christian Celtic tradition and heritage in Wales it connects with contemporary culture in search of new perspectives on life, spirituality and the experience of journey.

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